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Hardwood Kennels

Capac, MI

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Hardwood Kennels


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Meet the Pack!

Latest Additions

JADE - Ch.Hardwood's Shiloh Hill Jade

LUCY - Ch. Hardwood's Cover Girl

FANCY - Ch. Hardwood's Femme Fatale

MIKE - Ch. Hardwood's Millie's Kudo JH



ROSE - Ch. Hardwood's Lady in Red

LILO - Ch. Hardwood's Stitch-N-Tyme


CHUCK- Hardwood's This One's For You

The Original Cast

Lands End Hardwood Chesachobee (Chobee) Wins Brood Bitch at the Detroit Kennel Club 2002 Dog Show!!!

In Picture From Left to Right: Lands End Hardwood Chesachobee (Mom), Ch. Chesacola's Hardwood Hurricane (Daughter), Hardwood's Celebration (Daughter), Autumn Wings Fli (Daughter).

MURPHY - Ch. Hardwood's Murphy Brown



CHANCE - Hardwood's Just A Joker


SO BAD - Ch. Hardwood's Autumn Hickory So Bad

TABASCO - Ch. Hardwood Tabasco



CHET - Ch. Rin Con Catch A Curl Chester CD



FRED - Ch. Hardwood's Solid Mahogany


OAK - Ch. Chesaveida Hardwood Oak




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Chobee Noni Windy Fly